Learn How to Play Piano: 7 Steps

The piano is one of the favorite instruments of the people. Everyb20131015235619382ody wants to learn, but leave it when they face some difficulties. It is basically an iconic instrument that requires hard work and 100 percent dedication tolearn it. If you really want to learn how to play piano, the first thing is needed to do, start with a positive mind and left all the negative thoughts behind. Once you will learn its basic notes, there will be no other person that will like to play the piano more than you.  It does take time, it doesn’t mean, you will not be able to learn it.

Let’s start with some basic notes:

It is important to remember that its notes repeat from top to bottom across several octaves. It consists of twelve notes a piano can produce. It has been categorized into two parts: seven white key notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) and five black key notes (C-sharp, D-sharp, F-sharp, A-flat, and B-flat). At the outset, everybody tries to search “piano lessons near me” on Google and other search engines. You might be one of them, but don’t worry, it is important to join the institute as it is hard to learn.

Try to play some notes

It is good to start with middle C, try to push it slower and faster, until you get some idea of the playing tone. Without moving your hand, try to play all the ten notes, it will be difficult, but with the time, you will make a habit of that.

From the C middle, move your finger left and right to play C-sharp and D-sharp.

Move your hands on all the notes

To produce a song from a piano, you must have a habit of playing all the notes. More you will practice of moving hands more you will get confidence.

Learn to use the pedals

There are two or three pedals in modern pianos. It is also an important part to learn because a pedal can be used to change the sound effects.

These are the most important steps for the beginners that can be used at the beginning.

There are more steps and tricks that will help you learn the piano lessons, check out at www.pianolessonslondon-wkmt.com, or


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